Traveling without cash, just Trust wallet

Imagine traveling to Japan, Singapore … around the world … ,we’re don’t need to bring cash, just hold your phone with Trust wallet and any cryptocurrency balance in it, We can pay for any services through Trust wallets with TWT or other cryptocurrencies. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

What Trust is doing is to promote crypto adoption in the real world as I said above. Does anyone agree with this ideas?


That is one of the core reasons behind cryptocurrency. Cashless electronic asset. In Trust, we trust


real and make it easier anywhere and anytime, I like trustwallet


TWT instead of credit card - yes. Instead of cash - no. Remember that cash is anonymous, crypto - not. TWT and cash would be best in my opinion


Not only that Dapps are changing the world of business too, so yes, in trust we trust

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I perfectly agree with you. Trust Wallet has earned my trust ever since I came across Trust. Never had any regrets using this very useful wallet.


It is gonna be amazing …


I think this will definitely happen in the next 5 or so years :crazy_face:

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DeFi is becoming more important, we’ll probably see that in the upcoming years

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It would be epic​:ok_hand::ok_hand:like buying plane tickets from the wallet or booking a hotel, or paying groceries or eating in a fast food chain all in you can pay at your wallet :sunglasses:

Wow…we are really getting into the era of total cashless economy

Is it possible in my country?

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That’s idea and hope be come true in the future :yum:

I want to discuss that “Cash anonymous, crypto - not”)))) Crypto can be more than anonymous, its censorship defended, when cash isn’t. Its very strange from my perspective, that you say crypto isn’t anonymous, because Monero, Zcash, Dash, Grincoin, even some BTC related protocols (Coinjoin is example) is made to do it.
If you are in culture of privacy awareness and educated enough you can use BTC anonymous, yet all tx will be available for public to explore.

If you want you can use it already - Travala is service of that kind to travel with payment for crypto.

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Monero is delisted from many exchanges. Probably no one will accept payment in private coins. If “private” coin is accepted, then it’s not really private and can be tracked

Xmr is in Binance) Dash too)
Many sites accept xmr too, just google it.
Your last sentense is noncence, may i say.
There is massive study on xmr privacy level and no scientific research on that it can be decrypt. And design of blokchain in XMR made this complicated more for each day, so longer it live more complicated it to decrypt.
This crypto privacy focused idea is deep inside every crypro currency in market. LTC implementing MimbleWimble protocol for privacy, Beam (such shame, but still) is on binance too.
Do you once imagine this: if you have a 1000 btc and spend 0.000001 to buy a vpn that vpn dealer will know that you have such big btc in pocket? Will you live long and prosper if you are in some bad places of world and every smuggler out knows that you have more that mil $ in flash card/phone?)))
Really, mate, no offence, but consider to think that privacy is not just about some crimes or bad people. Its about defense you funds and even life of your loving ones too, in some places someone can steal your wife for ransom or bitter. So, imo, privacy is good, Monero will do it (lol, not sure about it, still). Love Privacy and make your pocket your pocket again).

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Yes, I think this is our future

I always imagine the world without any cash or fiat just digital currency I think its time to adopt and use cashless payments around the world fast, no hassle bringing too many paper money lol with just smartphone we can do what we want.


It’s going to be amazing. Many stores will start accepting it as mode of payment