TRON stacking : 0.74%/years?

Hi ! :slight_smile:

I am new to Trustwallet, and I am stacking TRX on others plateforms.

The % seems good for Cosmos and Tezos with 7.21% and 6%, but the Tron give only 0.74% yearly. Is it normal ? I never seen the Tron have that pourcentage on others plateforms. :thinking:


one thing may be that they already met their staking goal.

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But I never seen the TRX pourcentage below 7% on others plateforms. If they met the stacking goal the pourcentage can go under 1% so ? :thinking:

And do we know when the new “stacking goal” will start on TrustWallet ? :mask:

I am also staking TRX on trust wallet and have the same question, just 0,74%, no any other choice, while my Tezos is be staked by more than 5%.

Indeed it’s strange. :thinking:

And normally if the stacking is finished it should go to 0% and not 0.74% ? :thinking:

Someone know why the TRX percentage is at 0.74% only ? :thinking:

Trust Wallet didn’t give the reason? :thinking:

:up: !

The TRX stacking is always at 0.74% for me and I didnt found why. :frowning:

The APR is something like 12% - 14% on TronScan with the official wallet, and always 0.74% on Trust. What is happening ?

Its just variable, so in trust wallet you just dont see it. Any way any staking in mainnet is part of mainnet rules so i think this is info is just minimum.

"Staking rewards are distributed by the Super Representatives depending on the rules that they have set. More information can be found by joining TRON telegram group or by visiting the link below.

You can go to StakingRewards’ TRX Staking Calculator to find out the potential rewards."