Tron stake balance is not correct

Hello. tron steak broke.

Balans not correct. Please fix

Can we get your TRX address so that we can confirm your balances?
Also, make sure you have the most recent version of Trust Wallet for Android.
Get it here: Where to Download Trust Wallet?


Thanks. I can see you only have 3,400.491099 TRX on the wallet.
Please do a reimport of your wallet: How to Re-Import your Wallet

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Thanks. Its working.

Hello am ok. ,…,…

I have this same issue. My balance is double. It is counting my balance as staked and installed (on the block explorer it’s unstaked). When I try to stake again, it gives me an error about not having enough Tron Power.

It helped me to remove the wallet and restore it.

Thanks. Yes it just worked for me too.

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I staked my Tron but the daily reward amount was not correct. Please help me out.

Which validator did you choose from?
The rewards depend on the individual validators.

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