TROUBLE Again! My BNB back to 0!

As by the solved on my latest thread at Sent BNB but the app is showing 0

it’s going to get trouble again.

My BNB balance back to 0 again.

I try to use VPN, then access the my wallet, but got 0 BNB.

All cookies was cleared. Restart the phone, connect to the VPN and try to access my wallet and got 0 BNB again.

BIG Question:
How to get more easy to use TrustWallet ?

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I really really really really neeeedd the best answer here…

What transaction did you do prior to your bnb becomes 0?

Hello @richardbitcoin,

Your wallet has a very small amount of BNB: Dex Explorer

That is because you conducted a cross-chain swap from BNB BEP2 to BNB BEP20: Dex Explorer


While checking the address, it looks like you spent the Smart Chain BNB already to buy a different token.