Trouble Unstaking Cake - Uncelar Errors

Hi Trustwalleteers,

I’m attempting to unstake CAKE via the Trustwallet pancakeswap dapp browser. I’ve confirmed that the browser is connected to BSC. My Trustwallet has both a BNB binance chain and BNB binance smart chain balance. I’ve tried raising the gas in the transaction settings but this hasn’t worked. I’ve also tried withdrawing less than the total amount of cake staked. This hasn’t worked either.

Any/all ideas and suggestions welcome :slight_smile:

Other people seem to have my issue too: Unable to unstake cake from pool

app version: 5.16 (5166)

TXID: 0x350c2653889aff07ce494d5699ebf6c6f34358d6b8753631efa4d3465231ad4c

error on bscscan: “out of gas” - but I’m not (I don’t believe?)

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Hello @BoboMcLaren,

Try to use 20 gwei or higher instead of 10 gwei.

Thanks @iamdeadlyz! I did try that but unfortunately still no luck - is there something else I could try out?
(As a side note - are these transaction fees being charged even if the transaction doesn’t process? So I’m slowly losing BNB even if they repeatedly fail?)
Thanks again!

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It is recommended to contact the Pancakeswap admins to they can investigate the issue: Telegram: Contact @pancakeswap

P.S. Beware of impersonators. There are scammers in the Telegram who will likely message you claiming to be an official support or team member. Only interact with the verified admins, else, you might lose your funds.

Correct. So don’t send multiple transactions if you thing there is indeed an issue. Else, you will slowly lose the available BNBs that you have in your wallet.

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