Trust Community &Trust Wallet App

How are you guys? I hope you are all well.

I’ve been wondering on some thoughts about this idea I have. Wouldn’t it be beneficial to have some way to link your Trust Community and your Trust Wallet App and maybe get some perks for connecting the two AND get faster updates?
I’ve been using the Trust Wallet App for more than a year now and if it wasn’t for the Airdrop, I probably wouldn’t have known about this wonderful Community (I really wish I had known it earlier) and there are many users who still are unaware of this platform.

Don’t you think a link between the two is necessary? What do you think guys?


I think they should add that connection, i mean, i just knew about this becase i checked their telegram, so… It really would make grow the community, i hope they make this soon.

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All social media sites owned by trustwallet are already inside the app.

The Instagram account was not found in the app but this is the trustwallet account.