Trust Level 1 - BASIC

Trust Level 1 — Basic

At Discourse, we believe reading is the most fundamental and healthy action in any community. If a new user is willing to spend a little time reading, they will quickly be promoted to the first trust level.

Get to trust level 1 by…

  • Entering at least 5 topics
  • Reading at least 30 posts
  • Spend a total of 10 minutes reading posts

Users at trust level 1 can…

  • Use all core Discourse functions; all new user restrictions are removed
  • Send PMs
  • Upload images and attachments if enabled
  • Edit wiki posts
  • Flag posts
  • Mute other users

Admins can change these thresholds by searching for tl1 in site settings.

This topic shows on how to increase your Trust Level


Thanks so much for the update. On my level, am seeing Basic User does it mean in have been promoted?




So how do I know my level now?



Go to your profile picture at the top right corner then click your name then click summary

Noted for strict compliance please.

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That for the head up

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Please how can I know my current level?

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Visit your profile then click on the summary and expand you will surely see your level.