Trust Swap: PancakeSwap Trading Integration

The Trust Wallet team is happy to announce we have added PancakeSwap support directly into the Trust Wallet mobile app’s swap function.

As a Trust Swap user, the benefits of this change are:

  1. Lower network fees for swaps
  2. Smaller slippage when you trade
  3. Better liquidity, and more assets to swap

You don’t pay any additional fees by using the PancakeSwap integration. The fees are the same as if you went to PancakeSwap in the DApp browser or via WalletConnect.

You don’t need to do anything yourselves to benefit from the lower network fees, smaller slippage and better liquidity. The swap function in Android and iOS is now powered by PancakeSwap, automagically.

Here is where you can learn how to use the How to swap with PancakeSwap in Trust Wallet within the Trust Wallet mobile app.

Attention Developers

To get your tokens listed on Trust Swap, you would need to submit a Pull Request in our Assets repository. The token has to be added on this tokenlist.json file.