Trust wallet App Bug

Hi, 2 problems when I go to my trust wallet and attempt to send my BNB tokens over to another wallet. When i click on max tokens to send it shuts down and comes up with a long error message. ‘Trust Wallet unexpectedly quit’ I’ve deleted it and reinstalled the wallet and same thing. So next problem is when I go to submit a help ticket I cant get passed the captcha for some reason. Has a green tick and all the info is filled out but cant seem to submit a help ticket so im posting here as I want to move my BNB tokens over to another wallet. any help appreciatedThanks

Hey can you provide these

  1. App version
  2. Device model
  3. Screenshot of the error received

Trust Wallet Version 6.8 (681)
MacBookPro macOS Big Sur
and i cant seem to post the screenshot on this post says something about media embedded.

I an not able sell coins in trust wallet. It is showing Error what to do?

Hello @menace6969
Can you try using a mobile device to make this swap ?

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