Trust Wallet cant find my funds as i moved to a new phone

Hi ,

two years back i moved my funds from binance to trust wallet then i lost my phone and when i moved to a new phone i couldnt access my funds. Is there any way to get my funds back.

below i have attached the proof of me transferring my vechain coins to trustwallet

You’ve successfully withdrawn 5055.58870000 VET from your account.

Withdrawal Address : 0x9B045F14a02265604aF6d39B4373b47b84c3F966

Transaction ID : 0x40878434637e3fdb82f57e522e305d18eaa2ada143ea126ef196cc95867e24ba

@deejayz You would need to recover your assets by importing your seed phrase.
If you do not have that, then unfortunately your tokens may be lost forever.


l am hew here
Pls how do I access my trust wallet account from another phone :interrobang:

@Svappon You can import your seed phrase on the other device to access your wallet.

Are there articles that explains how to get that done :interrobang:
The how to"s of lt

@Svappon Please read this: