Trust Wallet Community Survey

Trust Wallet Community Survey

We recently passed 5 million downloads on Google Play, so we thought we would take the opportunity to get some input from our growing community. Your answers will help shape how we evolve the Trust Wallet mobile app, and will help us introduce even more people into the world of crypto, TWT and Trust.

Click the link below to take part. We will select ten to twenty people who give helpful answers throughout the survey for a follow up interview where they will get rewarded in TWT.

We’ll run the survey for at least one week, until Friday 29 January. After we have gone through the answers we will reach out to some of you for the paid TWT interviews in February 2021.

Remember. Trust Wallet will never ask for your 12 word recovery phrase in a form, on Telegram or on Social Media. Read more about keeping your recovery phrase safe, here.