Trust Wallet Core Launch

We are happy to announce the open-sourcing of Trust Wallet Core—an open-source cross-platform cross-blockchain wallet library. The library supports all common hashing functions, elliptic curve cryptography, key derivation, address encoding/decoding, and transaction signing for all supported blockchains.

Our main motivation for open-sourcing was to enable developers to build their dapps and wallets natively without having to worry about the low-level implementation details. We know that working together as a community is better for everyone.

We also want to make integrating new coins and blockchains into Trust Wallet easier. By open sourcing Wallet Core anyone can contribute support for their blockchain.

The Details

Trust Wallet Core aims to be a cross-platform library with idiomatic interfaces. This means that, as a user of the library, you should be able to use an interface that feels natural in the platform and language that you are using. For instance if you are building a native iOS app you can use Trust Wallet Core as you would any native Swift library.

To achieve this we generate interface code for every supported platform. Currently we generate JNI code for the Android interface and Swift code for the iOS interface. We are also working on a JavaScript interface.

The library itself is written in C++ with a C interface. This allows us to write code that is small and fast. While being usable from any platform and language.

Currently we support the following blockchains:

How To Get Involved

To get involved start by exploring our GitHub repo and check for bounties on Gitcoin

You can also find us hanging out in our newly formed Telegram group where we stand ready to answer all your questions and help out with any issues.

Future plans

Going forward we are continuing to add support for more blockchains and more interface languages. We want to continuously improve the library so it’s easy to use and easy for you as developers to integrate new blockchains. We are looking forward to your feedback and hope for many contributions from the community.