Trust wallet crypto wallet 100% very good

What’s the difference between a trust wallet and another crypto wallet?


They are Almost same… but the security system impresses me… :grinning:

As the name implies they do a lot to create “trust” :slight_smile:
They are very transparent and positive with development, both their app and their community. I don’t see this kind of corporate culture in other wallets so far and it’s why I use Trust a lot.

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The security system in trust beat all other crypto wallet


Supports a lot of multi crypto tokens, built with the Binance dex, has one of the best dapps interface and best security so far

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Trust wallet is more secured than other wallets

The security provided by TrustWallet, few wallets offer it. And the ease of use is also another point to highlight.

Trust is the difference. Security is the key. In Trust, we trust

Security is the key reason why I’m using it.