Trust Wallet Enables FIO Address

Starting today, all Trust Wallet users will be able to reserve a unique FIO Address on the :trust domain. FIO domains will be freely tradeable/sellable as a non-fungible token (NFT) soon after mainnet launch.

What is a FIO Address?

FIO Addresses are the universal identifier to the FIO Protocol - a usability standard being built by the Foundation for Interwallet Operability and supported by 25+ blockchain wallets, exchanges, and crypto payment processors. Trust is one of them.

FIO Addresses are formatted like username:domain, and they serve two purposes:

  1. Enable access to all FIO Protocol features, present and future.
  2. Replace the need for cryptic blockchain public addresses in your wallet. So instead of trying to remember something like 0x7d8bf18C7cE84b3E175b339c4Ca93aEd1dD166F1 you would just need to remember this “satoshi:trust” and it would work for all coins supported with Trust Wallet.

FIO enables more features with its mainnet launch:

  1. FIO Requests - Users can “request” payments regardless of token/coin type or amount.
  2. FIO Data - standardized metadata to store the purpose of a transaction, such as a note, order cart, or invoice (like a memo field)

Why Should You Get Involved Now?

The presale is a one-time, pre-mainnet event to give our users the opportunity to obtain a personally meaningful :trust FIO Address. Reserving a FIO Address has an annual fee associated with it, but during the Pre-Sale they will be discounted to 2 USDC, which covers the entire first year of post-mainnet use.

How do I get Started?

Inside Trust Wallet tap on the “+” icon and search for FIO. As soon as you add it to your wallet you will be greeted with a message to reserve your FIO Address on Trust Wallet. This will take you the FIO Pre-Sale page where you will be able to deposit funds to begin reserving FIO Addresses.