Trust Wallet failed to connect

Trust Wallet cant connect anymore. First it says wait a few seconds and then failed to connect.

What to do? I hope someone could help me


Hello @Fiscalini
Can you please confirm that you are using the recent app version.
if you are, also ensure the dApp you’re trying to connect to is using walletconnect v2


i have the same problem, can connect on pancake but cannot on uniswap, just say wait some seconds but after its not connecting.


Hello @nabooin
Uniswap still uses walletconnect v1 that’s why that occurs.
Its not actually Trust wallet fault but depends on the Uniswap team.


My bnb wallet can’t connect with Alpha Gpt anymore. First it says restrict frequent use of the same IP to register, they said if i can’t register I should contact the customer service

What to do? I hope someone could help me

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My wallet is not connecting at all
What should i do i want it to be ok.a lot of things am doing it is paused now

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@OMOKAS1 Please ensure your app is updated first.
Also note that walletconnect now uses v2 so if the website you’re trying to connect to doesn’t support it yet, then you need to contact their support.

Hello, you should have let the option to connect with walletconnect v1 when needed because we can’t use it with most of the websites now

And what about raydium io ? Here i cant connect my wallet too. 3 weeks ago its works fine. App is actual. OS is actual too

Ok, if its the problem in my wallet send here procedure. I think that others want to know to, what we need to do. Thank you

@Brickleberry Please ignore that text, it was from a scammer and has been banned.
Take note that the dApp you’re trying to connect to may be using the V1 wallet connect and hence the unresponsiveness.
Please contact their support team.

My wallet is not connecting any more

What to do
I tried as i can but nowhere
Please help me

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Hello @OMOKAS1
Please update your app firstly then ensure that the sites you are connecting to supports wallet connect v2

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Hi, ive got an issue when i try to swap my BNB to LTC, but the balance still 0, on the BSCScan transaction has been success, could u help me??

Transaction Hash:





1328 Block Confirmations


1 hr 6 mins ago (Dec-03-2023 09:02:01 AM +UTC)

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@dylanharahap23 The swaps are not instant, you would need to be patient please.

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