Trust wallet fees

I have a problem, I was depositing funds to another merchant platform via Coinbase. From my trust wallet so than trust wallet added fees and I also had to consider Coinbase fees. Than from Coinbase I received a massage saying “fee amount exceeded”. So my money never arrived into the merchant platform. Even though I added more just to cover fees, and I lost the money tried to email Coinbase they never replied. I also feel they are dodgey criminals. My question is who must I contact trust wallet or Coinbase for my lost money, but my money was sent successfully from my trust wallet account.


You should ask Coinbase support about your problem. Also tell your problem in trust wallet telegram group .


What is coinbase platform?

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in that case you should contact the support from where yur funds coming from…


Try contacting the relevant team via live chat online, or try sending emails and comments via social media if they can respond to you.

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Please contact with coinbase support. Coinbase is reputated, hope you will get your solution as soon as possible.

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I did send to Coinbase Support they never awnser they are criminals.

Please it a Cryptocurrency exchanger

I don’t get your point sir, what do you mean.

I don’t understand why you need to transfer fund from trust wallet to coinbase to get to another merchant where you can directly do it from trust without using coinbase.

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Check on etherscan/viewblock/blockchain explorer to get where the funds are

My thoughts too, they should have shared their address and all you had to do was send them straight, with gas fees hitting the roof, you will spend way too much, my two cents.

Due to too many transactions taking place especially on ETH, your gas fee will be high. Wait till around0:00CST, gas’s fee seems low at that time

It the way the merchant operate. There is no other options but finally my funds we sent after 2 weeks of non stop emailing.

Ask their support on Coinbase and trust wallet also on telegram
To be Frank I stopped using Coinbase because whenever the price of any token or coin increases, they undergo maintenance. It happens every time… So better use wallets like trust wallet… Exchanges like binance, cryptocom.

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The funds finally went through after 2 weeks delay 🙆🙆