Trust Wallet Governance Reform Proposal

Since the launch of TWT in early 2020, the crypto industry has faced a lot of changes — new products, possibilities and instruments. It is important that Trust Wallet’s Governance System stays up to do date to allow innovation. Here is a proposal:

Reduction in twt quantity for the proposal creation by the community members

Reason: Since 2020 twt price has increased significantly. Only a small proportion of twt holders has a chance to submit a proposal and interact with the Team by proposing updates.

Realization: Keep the 1M threshold rule. For those who have less (100k >= X < 1M) there will be a possibility to lock the tokens and make an appeal to invite other twt holders to delegate their tokens and pool 1 mln twt within 48 hours to deliver sufficient quantity of tokens — and make the proposal active.

Benefit: More people could be involved in governance (only 7 addresses have >=1 mln tokens, almost 150 addresses have >=100 k tokens: August 9, 2021). A possibility to invite and delegate tokens will motivate the community members to research for like-minded people and create high value proposals.

References and useful links: Strategies - Snapshot


Nice topic! Thanks for posting.
I agree that ability to support proposal to stage where it can be vored by community is a nice idea.

One thing, that got me thinking last night on subject: if there is a proposal that must be upvoted to 1m, then it makes some sort of prewarning on snapshot, that counts basic voting power. In this model, voting power snap will use a snap on prevote?

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