Trust wallet <html> error showing

i am having issues sending funds, or wrapping some eth. or doing any transaction anywhere. be it direct login via dapp browser or via wallet connect.

2-3 hours ago it was working successfully. made a purchase on ens domains.
but now it is giving errors.

Screenshot is attached.

app version is 5.37 via google play store.

is something wrong with your backend config ?
i have already cleared cache.
none of it is working.

another thing.
I just checked BNB Smart chain transfer. from one wallet to another. working perfectly.
there is no error on BNB smart chain.
seems it is related to Ethereum Chain only.

I m having same issue. How to resolve? I will get the transaction bad gateway error on ETH transger or swap

Hello @user1982 @tokenmaster we are aware of this issue. Team is working on fix. I’ll update you when it is fixed.

thanks. much appreciated for looking into it as an urgency. thank you!!!

thanks for letting us know that team is working on the fix.
appreciate the effort made.

Hi Mate, Any update on how long it might take to fix this issue? Stuck with not being able to transfer or swap ETH to any other tokens.

@tokenmaster @user1982 can you try to transfer again now? If problem persists let us know please.

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It seems to have been resolved now. Thank you for sorting it out promptly.