Trust Wallet Insufficient Network Fee

Hello. I recently join the coin world and I wanted to take some ceek tokens. I sent money to binance and get some ETH. After that I sent these ETH to trust wallet but at the end I want to send them to pancakeswap. Hovewer, I couldn’t send because there is a network fee which is only paid with BNB smart chain. I don’t have any bnb and I don’t know how can I solve this problem ? Can anyone help me with that problem ?

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BNB Smart Chain Account : 0x5fD1501cE4A221F5C2Ab8cC8c19aE6Aa93cff15f

The network fee is only 0.3 cent but I don’t know how to buy that with my ETH

I just checked and you should have enough to cover your gas fees now.

Mine said you don’t have enough tron (trx) to cover network. I can’t post as a newbie.

That means you do not have TRX in your wallet to cover as gas fees for the TRC20 token you’re trying to send out.

What I’m trying to send is apenft. I thought network fees will be deduct from whatever crypto I’m sending.

No it won’t.
There are specific fees for specific networks
Also the app does not charge a fee but there is a network fee that will be paid to the miners.
Once you try and send an amount, it automatically calculates the fees.

Learn more here:

I transferred the apenft to trust wallet to stake, farm or swap but I can’t find any DApps that take this crypto. Now my apenft is stuck. Please advise what course of action I can take now except buying tron through trust wallet?

Hi I have the same issue. I transferred my funds from Binance into Trust Wallet as USDT. Now I want to send my funds back to Binance but am stopped as I don’t have sufficient BNB for network fees. However I can’t transfer any USDT to BNB to cover the fee as it says I don’t have enough BNB for transfer fees to BNB. Please help.

App Version 6.16 (531)

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I just sent you some BNB as gas fees.

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