Trust Wallet margins

So when looking at my Trust Wallet account, if the crypto is in the red, should I by more? Question because it is like stocks, “buy low, sell high”. Is there a personal gain and how much should be bought?


That is always the case absolutely. But doing your own research about the project is no doubt the first thing

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Thank again @Mike2microbe

Red means that price is lower than 24h ago, green - price increased in last 24h

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Thanks once more for the info

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So @Jesterhead buying then (in red) would make for good later on then.

I wouldn’t recommend it. If price fell down, there’s no reason why it wouldn’t go down further. My strategy is to buy after really huge price drops like 20 or even 50%

Not a good strategy. Cus the price might keep falling nd ull end up losing. The best time to buy is during an up trend

Cool…Thank you very much

Understand that. Appreciate the help

Ok terimakasih , oke lah ,oke lah

Trust wallet is best wallet​:v::heart_eyes: