Trust wallet not connect to pancakeswap

Trust wallet no connected to pancakeswap its say that low fee please

Hello you need to have BEP20 BNB on your wallet to cover transaction fees.

I have BEP 20 token however when I go to transfer my BNB to the coin of my choice, it displays a lower amount of BNB and when I try to transfer that, it then displays the BNB as an ETH :S. I consequently closed the app, restarted my phone and re attempted to transfer my BNB and now it just doesnt connect my trust wallet through wallet connect. When I click connect it now just goes straight to a google search with a long url looking text in the search bar. Can somebody assist please

Hello @dwntwn There was issue on WalletConnect side, they’re working on fix:

Thanks alot brother for taking the time out to help me out. Are you sure its related to this as TrustWallet members of staff said otherwise.

They said Dapp is running on older version of WalletConnect hence why the issues. But you may be right.

@dwntwn PancakeSwap already updated their WalletConnect version that’s why there was no issue when connecting via WalletConnect several days ago.

Hi there

Yes, pancakeswap is working perfectly now (it had the same issue recently).

I am experiencing the same issue for Julswap at the moment, trust wallet just won’t connect by ‘wallet connect’ feature.

I will inform julswap developers but is there any other way to make this work?

Your help is appreciated, thanks!