Trust Wallet Officially Launches DevTools Suite

We’re thrilled to launch a set of DevTools for the Trust Wallet Browser Extension that helps developers have one tool to test and develop their Web3 dApps, no matter what chain.

The DevTools feature set includes a decentralized app (dApp) blacklist, custom nonce support, and much more. These new features offer added security, while also making it effortless for developers to debug dApps in development environments across all relevant chains, tokens, and smart contracts. In the process, developers can and get all the debugging data they need without downloading and setting up multiple wallet extensions.

Michael Lwin, Product Lead of the Trust Wallet Browser Extension says, “We’re proud to offer Web3 developers the perfect solution for debugging, testing smart contracts, and more. Our Dev Tools feature set is designed to be easy, while also offering added security and peace of mind. Our commitment to innovation and excellence is evident in these new features, and we’re excited to lead the way in the space.”

A powerful set of features

Here’s a rundown of the new Dev Tools integrated into the Trust Wallet Browser Extension:

  • DApp Blacklist: Easily blacklist fraudulent and scammy dApps for added peace of mind.
  • Custom Nonce Support: Override transactions that don’t have enough gas, or those with errors/mistakes. Also, run transactions cumulatively for added flexibility.
  • Improved Allowance Settings: Get a warning when selecting the default token approval cap set by the dApp. Enjoy a more user-friendly interface for editing token allowances.
  • Quick Copy of Wallet Addresses: Easily copy wallet addresses for enhanced convenience.
  • Show Testnet Explorers: View Testnet explorers easily while in dev mode.

Testnet & Faucet support

The Extension also now supports 9 Testnet and 9 Faucets. A Testnet faucet gives free funds (no monetary value) to test smart contracts on networks like Etherem Goerli, Abritum Georli, Polygon Mumbai, and more.

The Trust Wallet Browser Extension supports:

  • Ethereum Goerli/Spolia
  • BNB Smart Chain
  • Abritrum Goerli
  • Optimim Goerli
  • Avalanche C-Chain Fuji
  • Polygon Mumbai
  • Fantom Testnet
  • Moonbase Alpha

Making things easier for developers

With this new update to the Trust Wallet Browser Extension, it’s now easier to switch between chains, preview errors, and do transaction simulations. Token allowance warnings also help address one of the key issues degens face, which is allowing unlimited tokens for a smart contract in a dApp protocol that gets exploited, which would otherwise drain all of those tokens from a user’s wallet. We’ve also removed the nonce icon for simplicity and show Testnet explorers on the history screen, making it easier for users to view Testnet explorers when in dev mode.

Getting Started with Dev Tools in the Trust Wallet Browser Extension

To access the Dev Tools feature set right now, you’ll need to install the Trust Wallet Browser Extension. Here’s how:

  1. Go to

  2. Choose the “Get Trust Wallet” button

  3. Install the extension from the Chrome store