Trust Wallet Private Key for ETH Export

Hey guys,

I like to public a simple workaround how to export your private keys from the Trust Wallet for the Ethereum Chain or Binance Smart Chain based coins, so you can access them from other places if you wish to. For me it was a simple reason: a lot of dapps uses Metamask where it works flawlessly on your desktop when at the same time a connect via TrustWallet (for whatever reasons) was not possible or kind-of buggy while using the smartphone (besides the better visibility in general). So I was doing a lot of research in the net but couldn’t find anything that really works right from the scratch. Later, I found the community here and also the solution including the usage of the site of iancoleman but since a lot of pople put huge warnings because of the public character of the page I did not used it to de-code my keys. But, I came up with this idea, and, it works!

First, you need to fresh install Metamask on your browser. If you have have the add-in already installed, export all the keys for all accounts/the seed phrase and keep it in safe place for later and remove the add-in. So, once you installed the add-in again, you have the options to create a new wallet or restore one from the seed phrase. Here, you need to use your general seed phrase from the Trust Wallet. Once is imported, you should see your ETH-address as account 1 by default. In next step, simply go to account details and export the private keys, et voilà, you have your private keys!

Now, you can just remove the Metamask add-in again, re-install the previous one, to have your former wallets running again. All you have to do now is just to import the Trust Wallet ETH address with the private keys and so you can manage your Trust Wallet ETH address within Metamask with all other address while using a browser on the desktop beside the app itself.

The charm here with this solution, you don’t have to worry about using iancoleman workaround bc of the insecure interaction with the page (well, I understand you can use it also offline. Still, to much hick-hack for me). That all is of course assuming, you trust Metamask in first place handling all the information/data correctly and encrypted while interacting with the chain on your browser.

I hope it help you guys and please leave some feedback if you managed to copy that workaround or run into problems/errors.



Any idea how to deleted or disabled connection wallet address that been exploit.
my one trust wallet hv weird issues
all my eth bnb are instantly out automatic with in 1 second Every time i send fund for cover fee

i Wannted to deleted this wallet but i have some Altcoins
which need eth and bnb for fee
so everytime i send eth and bnb its out instantly
i have no chance to Use for fee to withdraw my Altcoins

any ideas you can help?


@Lalpi6 I already answered your query regarding this issue many times. There’s no way to stop, delete, disable connection etc on your exposed wallet. Nothing can be done, just create a new wallet and move on forget about old wallet.

Learn more how to protect your cryptos and new wallet:

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