Trust Wallet Rolls Out Encrypted Cloud Backup & Recovery Feature

Trust Wallet users can now seamlessly store private keys in the cloud

We’re excited to introduce another Trust Wallet feature that makes accessing Web3 easier and safer! We’re rolling out a new cloud backup feature, that allows you to easily store an encrypted backup of your wallet’s 12-word secret phrase in your cloud account.

Your secret phrase is the master key to your account, giving you complete control and access over your digital assets. And with the new cloud backup feature, you can now seamlessly manage your secret phrase.

What is Trust Wallet?

Used by over 60 million people, Trust Wallet is an easy-to-use, self-custody wallet that allows you to store and manage over 9 million crypto assets including NFTs across 70+ blockchains. Use the app to buy crypto, swap tokens, earn rewards, safely explore Web3 dApps and more.

A convenient backup & recovery method for your wallet

Every crypto wallet has a secret phrase (also called a seed phrase or recovery phrase) that secures its private keys, and grants the wallet owner full access and control of the assets. But if you lose your secret phrase, you risk losing all the assets that are in your wallet. In fact, data from Chainalysis shows that 20% of all Bitcoin have been lost due to forgotten or lost secret phrases.

Our new cloud backup feature is designed to help reduce the risk of you losing your secret phrase, and to make the process of managing it much easier. Backing up your secret phrase is now seamless with Trust Wallet – as is recovering your wallet if you ever lose access to the app or if you simply want to import your wallet to another device.

Use Trust Wallet’s new cloud backup feature to:

  • Securely create a new wallet easier and faster
  • Store an encrypted backup of your secret phrase that only you have access to
  • Access a seamless and secure online recovery tool for your wallet

Your cloud backup is also secured by an encryption password that you set. This password is used to encrypt your secret phase backup file and to ensure that only you can decrypt and restore your wallet.

Getting Started with Trust Wallet’s cloud backup feature

There are two ways to access the encrypted cloud backup feature in the Trust Wallet mobile app:

  • When creating a new wallet.
  • Through your wallet Settings, if you already have an active wallet.

To get started with the cloud backup feature:

  1. Get the latest version of Trust Wallet for your device here:
  2. Use our comprehensive cloud backup guide for iOS and Android.

Making Web3 easier and safer to use

Your secret phrase is the master key to your wallet, and securely backing it up is essential for keeping your crypto safe. Use the cloud backup feature to seamlessly store an encrypted backup of your secret phrase to the cloud, instantly and securely recover your wallet, and import your wallet to a new device in just a few steps.

As we roll out this new feature, be sure to install the latest version of the Trust Wallet app now to make sure you get access.

And be sure to stay connected and follow us on Twitter @TrustWallet as we continue to make Web3 easier and safer to use.