Trust Wallet Security Bug Bounty

At Trust Wallet our priority is user safety. That’s why we are pleased to announce our addition to the Binance security bug bounty program, hosted on bugcrowd.

The security bug bounty program allows anyone to deep dive into Trust Wallet and attempt to find security vulnerabilities. If they do, they tell us, we fix them and they get a reward. It’s a great system for everyone because the bug finders are incentivized, we fix potential security vulnerabilities and you stay safe!

How it works

If you think you’ve found a security issue for Trust Wallet you can submit it here. To be eligible for a reward the submitted security vulnerabilities must be accompanied with a working proof of concept that shows how the bug could be exploited.

All security bug bounty rewards are paid in BNB and the amount paid depends on the severity of the bug. We evaluate the reported issues based on the impact they could have on our users and the Trust Wallet/Binance ecosystem.

To see an up to date table of the reward levels and to learn more about the bug bounty program please click here.