Trust wallet showing incorrect wallet after recovery

Please keep in mind this is not my first time using my recovery key to import my wallet. Unfortunately when my iPhone stopped charging I had to replace it. Everything was backed up on my phone so no issues in recovering my data. I opened up trust wallet put in my recovery phrase just as I have before and behold a empty wallet. I went and followed all the steps still empty. I went out purchased a android device downloaded trust onto it, put my recovery phrase still blank. So I clicked on my wallet address and searched it on the BSCscan thinking that I was hacked but there was nothing there. I looked at the address and looked at the address I had written down and they were not the same address. I then proceeded to manually type in my wallet address and my funds popped up on the BSCscan. From there I started researching and pulled in every transaction I have had to trust wallet and the wallets did not match the one now being shown. My recovery key is not the issue as We all know if you put in the wrong phrase nothing will open. I have only one wallet with trust wallet and have provided them with the exact date and time the wallet was opened and the first time it was funded. This issue seems to be happening quite frequently as more and more people are posting with the same complaint. Their is a major issue within their blockchain server where it is tying incorrect wallets to wrong accounts. I hope the DEVs team sees this and reaches out because this should not be happening and with more and more people posting having the exact same issue it is apparent that the issue is within the trust wallet system itself. I am asking that this matter be brought up immediately and you help us retrieve our correct wallets. If anyone else has received help with this issue can you please reach out or if anyone has any insight please help.


Me too, I had to replace my phone and I saved my keys and entered them. I have $0 in my wallet. Extremely frustrating!

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I deposited total of 20.8 XRP on my Trust Wallet and received only 10.8. For security reasons, I deposited back my 10.8 XRP to my trading account. I want to recover my missing 10 XRP. Please help me.

Yo también tuve ese problema . Tenia guardado 0.1 ethereum en mi billetera ethereum. Cuando la fui a importar en mi celular nuevo . Me salió otra billetera ethereum y la billetera antigua no me sale . Que debo hacer :sob:

Guys I’m really doubting this company now. This is ridiculous. I had hundreds of dollars in crypto. Got a new phone and put in my recovery phrase…. Only to have nothing anymore… 0 on everything


Hi @Wannapreneur
Apologies for the inconvenience. Please make sure that you have the right set of words.
Here is a guide that might help: