Trust Wallet supports the Solana Name Service

What is the Solana Name Service?

The Solana Name Service provides a decentralized and affordable way to map domain names (.sol) to a Solana (SOL) address and other on-chain data like IPFS CID, images and text. Having a human readable name for your SOL address allows a much simpler way to send payments without the need of long addresses. DApps also benefit when their website and its unique identifier is hosted on the IPFS network. A Solana domain name would be completely decentralized and very difficult to censor.

Learn how you can setup a Solana domain name by watching this video:

For more information about the Solana Name Service, visit the Bonfida Help Center.

Sending to a Solana Domain Name

The Trust Wallet Development Team has enabled sending Solana (SOL) and other SPL tokens to a Solana domain name. No need to copy and paste the long Solana address of your recipient. Just simply type the registered domain name and input the amount.

Tap on Next to proceed. Then Confirm your transaction. And that is it.