Trust wallet token should be sold from the wallet directly

Should trust wallet allow twt to be sold from the trust wallet directly will be easier and more efficient. What do you think community members?


Its a great idea, because buying crypto in an exchange costs you some extra time and effort and also costs charges fees by transferring your one coin to another, which is for me is inconvenience for the Trust Wallet user. Thanks


I hope so…co’s its way more easier and conveniet too… :slightly_smiling_face:

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This is a great idea! It’s really welcomed!

I pray that those concerned will heed to our request. We really need this feature.



Wow it’s a great idea

I have thought of it closely so I decided to bring to the community as usual so it can vet to the team.what’s your say members?

Yes that is a great idea, at least there will be no much stress again from transferring your coins from an exchange.

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This is a great idea all around. Would make sense for sure!

Of course that’s really a nice idea :blush:

This option would be a potentially great solution if implemented

I wouldn’t buy it. Because moon pay charges $ 4.99 transaction fee