Trust Wallet Token $TWT vs Binance Coin $BNB

Hello all,

I’m wondering what use cases will TWT has when comparing to BNB. For an example, BNB has lot of use cases such as,

  • It is used in Binance exchange for less fees when trading

  • It is used for staking

  • Used for airdrops and trading competitions etc

As you can see lot of use cases and due to that it has a great value. What do you think about TWT in this perspective? What use cases it has, any thoughts?


Finally a good topic.

Well… it’s a little too early to answer, but as the project is acquired by binance, perhaps we will see the a staking option in the future on their own wallet, as well as the token being used for lower fees. As for airdrops IDK; maybe if other platforms will integrate Trust as their main wallet and become affiliated with Binance.
In my opinion we are still veeeery early with this project and things are not moving too fast.
How many Binance users are actually using this wallet? 10%? 20%? I bet the number is not very high.



P.s: where is the community when there are such serious topics like this one? Of course it is easier to say hello to each other on other topic and get some likes, than to actually bring some value to the platform!



Thank you so much for your reply. Hope I brought some value to community. I always try to know more and share what I know with others in the community. Exactly I was also wondering where are the people to respond to topics like this. :neutral_face:


I do, I see a future for it and I am an example of a similar bat moneds, which is a project where it starts over again when using a browser and giving tips to content creators, something that looks very simple but interesting and I have seen that tiwbe project good mobility traders so I see our security project, read our project well because a good project must also be promoted by its users I fully have confidence that this is good, to conclude bnb would be the native currency of a mega network where this ecosystem of Trust, I don’t know if you saw it like that, but there are many users who backed up in decentralized systems for just having control of ours, and I think that’s what binance saw.


I trust this proyect seeing how much things you can do with this Magic Wallet … apart the utilities as paying Fees or becoming a governance token , i think the team Will surprise us in the near future …


Just follow right people in community to find what they post) easyest way to find some good discussion. Also search for words can drop you to some good ones. As example, i start one about educational use case of tokens and some other, and in need of mindfull replyes to improve it.


Well, first thing to remember - that any use case you can done in bnb chain - can be used in twt, because its issued on same chain. Still, there is many ways of do one thing, so twt can use other concept of governance or other use cases while bnb is established already at full servise.
So i that “vs” part in topic name is little confuse me, lol) It cant jump overhead of father network, but still many funny things educated people can do on it. As i already mention in above reply explore couple of topics in community, there is couple of examples already, will wait for your reply too


Both is good sir i hops it will success in future