Trust Wallet WalletConnect not connecting to app.kava(io)

IOS 14.2
Trust Wallet 6.3(635)
wallet connect didnt connect like it usually does. updated TW to 6.3(635) which btw stated that fixed wallet connect connectivity issues…
opens with small window field now to read the QR, says connecting, then doesnt connect. says active connections will be displayed, but there are none.

i generally connect using QR on laptop and TW on iphone, but also tries app.kava(io) on phone/ connect wallet / trust wallet, but also doesnt work!

(in the past i have had signing transaction failures too, that basically resolved themselves after traffic slowed down i presume) but now i cant even get to signing transactions.
I have an Android, it too wont connect !!

Its difficult to love TW…



I have ios… same thing issue is not yet sorted… I hope team is aware if this issue and fix it asap

Hello @Justriz @WebBasedMoney There was issue on WalletConnect side, they’re working on fix:

I am having the same issues any updates… they claim it’s back up but it’s still not working!

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Since they got walletconnect back online early today, i have been able to connect to app.kava(io) with Trust Wallet, and no problem signing transaction (this time, had a signing problem in the past though)

Still got the same problem on iOS. Can’t connect app with polychainmonsters
App version same as guy starting this topic. Problem is exactly the same, just on different website

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Hello @Henkietenkie The Trust Wallet development team is always introducing new features to the app.

The latest version of WalletConnect is now integrated.

The issue you are having is due to the DApp using an older of WalletConnect.

Reach out to DApp owner and ask them to update it on their end.

Regarding WalletConnect update: