Trust Web Wallet

In my using experience of crypto wallets, I feel the necessity of Web Wallet by Trust Wallet.

It will provide more easiness and access for community to their assets and different features like dapp using etc.


You speak my mind. I :100: percent support this idea of a browser extension for ease of use on computers.

There are many websites that work better on computers and connecting them is sometimes an issue with walletconnect. With browser extension, it would very helpful and easy to connect and authorise your wallet transactions.

Once a browser extension is available for Trust, many websites will support for Trust Wallet in addition to Metamask.


I concur to this 100%


Good suggestion and is a good idea too


exactly. Hope Trust Wallet think about it and make it happen for the easiness and more broader aspect


Is there any suggestion form for writing and sending our suggestions to developers?

I’m using samurai wallet for my bitcoin and there is features that I like to see in trustwallet too.

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Shirdal, these posts are read by the core team and admins. Please be assured that our suggestions are read. @iamdeadlyz - Kindly acknowledge


Yup, I can confirm that the dev team is monitoring this category. Appreciate the suggestions, fellow Trust Wallet users. Cheers!


This is indeed a laudable idea! Hoping that Trust Wallet Team will implement it.


I would like Trust Wallet web app works just to recovered already created wallets from the Trust Wallet app, so new users will nedd to istall the Trust Wallet app first and then they can get the official Trust Wallet web Link right from within the app, this will avoid scammers.

In the meanwhile the Trust Wallet app should WARN all new users that THERE IS NOT any Trust Wallet web yet so that they will avoid scammers, as I just fall victim of a scammer that made me believe there was a trust wallet web and then entered my seed words to stole my funds. And no body warned me.

It should be a big red label warning!!! …just after opening the Trust Wallet app for he first time, that will help a LOT!!!


@Cape72, thanks for this piece of information. I suggest that this write up should be taken to heart.


1.If it’s possible I hope they add a safety & genuine check in dapp browser that informed users that the site they using is official site or not (ex: if you search for pancakeswap you will find the scam sites in top results) and most users don’t know about this.
2.And if it’s possible add that in bitcoin we can use legacy and segwit addresses for receiving and
BIP47 Reusable Payment Codes that others can’t see prior transaction or balance history.


I am new and can’t figure out how to post a question, but your comment is similar so I’m replying in the hope that someone here can help. I installed the Trust Wallet browser extension and it doesn’t work in Brave browser or Chrome and I installed it from the Chrome store. I enter my seed phrase to import my multi coin wallet and nothing happens when I click the button to import. Any guidance would be appreciated.

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great idea cant wait to see how it turns out moving forward

I still opined that this wonderful idea should not go unimplemented. Trust Wallet is always known for innovations.

They’re known for bringing out things that will benefit not only the Trust Wallet Community, but also the Crypto World.

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Or a Desktop wallet Version


Browser Extension like MetaMask or Binance Extension, Upvote +1 from me.

Yes we need that. TW desktop version

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Totally agree with you!

Thanks for your post
Mean its a scammer or hacker???:point_down:t4: