Trusted wallet token and Doge token

Between trusted wallet token and doge token which one has a promising future value, for me trusted wallet token is doing three times better than doge token and what your view on this.


I’m degree with you, couse trust wallet token much more followed…

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We cant decide which is which has greater value in the future because its on the market any minute there will be changes but i can say so these tokens has greater potentials.

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How is it your earn trust wallet tokens?

Don’t think they are comparable right now. You know the answer :sweat_smile:


I don’t know exactly but I think u can buy from binance

Dogecoin is coin and twt is token its a big difrance who make it big project and dogecoin is mine able its big falt so TWT is 100 times best for buying

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Pls note this, TWT is token but Doge is coin, try not to do this mistake again lol.
Meanwhile Trust token is doing better which I believe it will reach $1 soon, but doge might not get there yet… And you can’t conpear both they are very different.


Twt all the way, any time any day

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Doge have 125 billions supply, so I wouldn’t conpear it with Trust, maybe we look for something else lol :grin:

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