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Welcome on board bro


Hello. Im wondering when the project called Blockstack (STX) will be added to Trust Wallet. There is another stx project on TW but that is a different project and i think discontinued. Earlier this year i transferred all of my crypto from coinbase wallet over to TW and i love your app. Then during the summer i discovered the great project called Blockstack but it does not have a mobile wallet, only a desktop wallet. I only have a phone i can use. Blockstack is the first SEC qualified crypto currency and it’s trading on Binance.
Ive checked many wallets and none have it available. So i have to leave my big bag of STX in the Binance exchange. That gets me nervous. I have a very diverse portfolio of rare crypto i was able to build with the Trust Wallet i was not able to build in Coinbase wallet. If you guys can please add it to the your wallet i would feel your wallet would then go beyond perfect. Thank you all for your service to the people. :blush: :wave:


That would be awesome mate


Hello, I have sent ACED to another wallet but it doesn’t appear now to both wallets. How can thia be resolved?

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