Trustwallet outgoing transaction

Hello, I need help!!! I recently swapped my Shiba Inu token from trust wallet to coinbase ethereum. On etherscan it said that it was success, but when I check my balance in coinbase, nothing is showing up. The trick to this is on trust wallet I can still see the balance of my Shiba Inu going up and down base on its market but have no control over it. I need major help, what can I do to receive that balance back or cancel my transaction. I have tried removing my fund, but that did not work. I tried canceling the transaction and that did not work, since every time I put in nonce it said “nonce is too low” which I don’t understand one bit why it does not work. I have contact coinbase, etherscan, and trustwallet but have not received any help whatsoever! I am out of option, please someone help!!!

Hi, @Bmoua first, the confirmed transaction can’t be canceled or reversed. As your transaction is already confirmed. Contact Coinbase for support.

Thank you for the reply, I tried that and was told that my address does not exist in there system, which I am confuse about because my account has one specific address for ethereum and I double, triple check also.

If my BNB transaction is still pending after 1 day shall I send 0 BNB with the same nonce to my adress or does this only work with ETH?