Trustwallet recover12 word

actually there smart contract oportunity mean very important have safe your 12 word but some new user create wallet longtime or slso new but finally start use another wallet and then forget where they put 12 word
It would be good that trustwallet put a place to recover 12 word for people who still have theyre phone because now people signed smart contract for life


Eu nao estou a conseguir enviar e nem receber, tristeza

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so, there is an option for save and recover the recovery phrase, what problem you are exepriencing?


What problem did you encounter?

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Lost my recovery phrase

I don’t know what to do

Ilost .my 12 phrase too

кошелек остался на телефон, где остались 12 слов… что делать, ?? там 5,48$/

I lost my 12 phase, how can I get it back

It can be cool for trust to add the same kind of security as Argent Wallet