Trustwallet web app needed or not?

Does Trustwallet need to launch a web app too? Many competitions have this.


Online Web portal based crypto wallets are easy to hack. Hacker’s have different options to inject malicious malware’s to user account. In 2019, over 2 millions of online gamers account and crypto wallets including investment sites were hacked. Also, a researcher from MIT recently published an online extension tools that can easily breach online data by malicious injections. We, general users most often uses different types of extensions in our laptops or desktops. So think about it. In my opinion web wallet is the worst in wallet category.


Great clalrificatin…

Excellent thank you for that information

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but there are some good web wallets too like MetaMask and MEW.


Although MEW is a web based wallet but MetaMask isn’t. MetaMask is a extension based ether wallet. You have to install chrome or Firefox extension in order to use metamask.

Yes they’re safe and quiet secure but it can be compromised. For example, MEW users who simply had the Hola chrome extension installed and running have had their wallets completely compromised - 2018 report.


But same thing can be happen with mobiles wallets too. there are a lot of news of mobile wallets hacks. I think best way to protect crypto is hardware wallets and for Web and Mob wallets you have to know basics to protect yourself.


Hardware wallets are not absolute protection too. In my personal research, i found that there is many many ways to hack them too. So if we start talking big money i’m sure that mobile wallet with some custodial behind it might be not such bad idea. Man is a weakest chainlink in defend system, lol)
And in defend of mobile wallets i may say this one thing:
Mobile tech is a grown and fully funded market with lots of big companys that spend best resourses to improve mobile security. That is something that trezor/ledger cant beat because its not just about best brains today, its about best and funded brains tommorow too.
Still want some linux version of Trust wallet for nerdy wannabe like myself)

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