TrustwalletaApp already checkmated other wallets

Have you noticed trustwallet have more features and compatibilities than other wallets. And nearly every week (even if not twice a week) there are updates which shows they are seriously and tirelessly working to make this wallet the best?


Only few more listing of my holdings to appear there and trust wallet may be the only wallet I will be using. Using exchanges, you are not charged rediculously and so, it shows I will not need it keep fund on exchanges again before I can trade.


The arrival of trustwallet already made me forget every other one I thought was good before. I fell in love with trustwallet the day I downloaded it.


Adding more features, really nice


What makes it come on top of course is its ease of use. In :trust: we Trust!

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The user interface is so friendly that I always stay glued to my wallet all the time.

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Thats what i liked in trust wallet…and feel more secured than any other…its in the name "TRUST":rocket::rocket:


Yep sure it is. and convinient

For those who knows what UI/UX is can relate better.
User interface excellent, User experience superb.
What more can I say except in Trust I Trust :heart_eyes:.

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