TRX are frozen, but not voted!


I am also having an issue with my TRON. I attempted to stake it and received an error in the process. Now it appears that nothing is staked, the the amount I was trying to stake is frozen. It has been frozen since Feb 9th and I cannot unfreeze it. Any help would be very appreciated.

My address is TTDex6MieCgERP3LtxyX8V1pdfDphKgURz
App version is 1.26.5

Thanks again!

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Hi @hauntx,

Try to stake again your 10,500…but add 0.63, so stake a total of 10,500.63 (even though it says frozen).

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I tried as you suggested. It gave me this error.

We sent you a small amount of TRX. Please try to stake 10,502 TRX again.

Thank you. I received them and did it again. It seemed to work. So now I just need to wait the 3 days and try to unstake them?

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You’re welcome!


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