TRX Tron Stake Last Received 2020 Jun 27

Used to received staking rewards daily in my TrustWallet.
Nothing received after Jun 27. Same number of tokens are staked. Same validator (Binance?). Never had to claim rewards before with this validator (not sure if it was same validator); they were received every day.
Also, if I select ‘claim rewards’ it says ‘not available’.
Is there an issue?


You need to manually unstake then claim rewards.
Binance Validator does not automatically send rewards.
To further confirm, let us know your TRX address.


Okay, looks like when I periodically would ‘stake’ some rewards, (and wallet selects the best validator), it was ones other than ‘Binance’ and I would automatically receive the rewards.
My guess is that when it selected ‘Binance’ on Jun 27 staking, I then needed to do as you mentioned and manually unstake, then claim rewards. I did it and it worked.
Seems the validators selected before Jun 27 (in my case) did not need this process. :slight_smile:

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i also facing this problem. my stake validator “bitguild” when I select ‘claim rewards’ it says ‘not available’. please fix this issue. my trx address TKPtDuBJCTw6Wima2knk8tWcpMsVcQNhbh

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Добрый день! Помогите исправить проблему с стейкингом !мой адрес TRX TG4YnkMzxjdPUWBuPWGCDdAvGf9p8XGAG5

Like Sumon016, I was using BitGuild. I went over to BitGuild on Discord and this is what they said: “”" Yorina I BitGuildToday at 5:00 PM

@ratatosk we changed from the centralized voting system to the decentralized voting system. Which means you don’t get your rewards automatically anymore. Which means the rewards have to be claimed. Every 24 hours they add up, and you can claim them at any time. Your rewards aren’t lost, all you have to do is go to login your wallet, go to the TRX page and click on ‘withdraw’.“”"

Isn’t there another way to do this other than somehow deriving/exporting my TRX private key from Trust Wallet and importing it into That seems a bit unsafe to me.

Hi @ratatosk,

You can claim your rewards manually using the Trust Wallet app.

Please double-check your address here ( and make sure that the “Votes” part has Bitguild or any other validator that you voted so that you will receive rewards. If there’s none, you can re-stake again, even though your available balance says 0, to confirm your vote.

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