TRX unstaking problem - staking/unstaking not working - trx freezed

I have staked trx 20+ days ago.
Now i have staked and frozen trx. I can’t ustake or as suggested stake that frozen amount.
I can only collect revards.
What to do?

Hello @lujo
Please update your app to the recent version and try unstaking again.

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I see now.
I thought i had the latest version, my version is 7.29.2 same as on google play.
now I see that on the trust wallet page the version of the apk file is 7.30.1
OK thanks.
So I have to download the apk and install it, or wait for an update on Google Play.

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@lujo You could wait for the playstore version.
If you’d install from the Trust wallet website, then you would need to delete the current one first; note that you should ensure your wallet is backed up properly first.

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Thank you.
This can be closed.
If there are problems again after the update, I will contact you.