Trx were not credited

Hello, funds were not credited when transferring trx (trx network)
Could you please tell me what to do?


Hello @Guid88K
Your TRX was already credited to your wallet.


@Tobi but the total amount of wallets has not changed and there is no date in the history with today’s transaction, why is that?


@Guid88K Here’s what the explorer says

Also note that your transactions not showing in your history is just a visual glitch.


But when will the visual glitch be fixed? because the wallet did not show the new transaction, the amount remained the old one


@Guid88K You can always check the explorer to confirm transactions as the explorer is always correct.


@Tobi but if the amount in the application does not match, will I be able to withdraw from the trust wallet an amount greater than what is displayed in the application


@Guid88K Please provide a screenshot of your TRX


Problem solved, just reinstalled the app and the amount is valid, thanks for the help


Hello, that’s made a few days i’ve sent usdt to my trust wallet via tron network and no money appeared on Trust wallet, but the amount of the transaction is ok (successfull and confirmer) on tronscan. How could you helped me to have the money on my receive adress in my trust wallet. Note that I’ve lready tried to reimport my trust wallet and update the app to the latest version. Tell Me what to do with that issue.


I Can t find my fund on trust wallet but it appeared on tronscan.
Receive adress:
Tx hash

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@Jamiee You received your USDT already, please do add it manually.
Tap the upper right rigt corner, search USDT and enable the one with TRON.


Having similar issue. Bought btc transaction completed but nothing showing in wallet. All checked and double checked reinstalled app removed and added wallet, still not showing, tried 3 devices all showing different balances none are correct.

Having similar issues. Bought btc, txn completed and confirmed. Funds not showing in wallet. I’ve reinstalled app, installed on other devices, removed and added wallet. Cleared cache and data. At a loss.

Wallet destination


Txn hash


@Bullshine There is a message in your wallet when you tap on Bitcoin that Transaction issues are expected, it’s best you wait patiently while this is resolved.
If you need further support, please open a support ticket from your Trust wallet app.
Before opening a ticket, ensure you have tried troubleshooting the issue yourself first, you can use the chatbot in your settings for common troubleshooting
Settings → Support
Then if you still have the error, open a ticket

To reduce response times from customer support, please include the following info in the ticket:

App version, device model, wallet address, TX hash (if available), and the blockchain + assets you’re experiencing the issue with, and any relevant screenshots or videos to duplicate the error.

That’s fine if it’s a known issue. I was worried as never had issues before. Is it safe enough to post wallet address and hash info for public view?

@Bullshine There’s no need to send that here

I’ll wait a while to see if it appears. Regard a ticket, I cannot see any way to do that… All I get is that chat gpt powered help that just sends you round in circles :cry:

@Bullshine There’s a button at the top right corner where you can submit a ticket.
The chatbot is also helpful for troubleshooting common issues.

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