Trying to add liquidity to the bnbeth pool, need help!

bnb14sxxrf59c4ujyu4xn4wje0ck5jcupszr4yluqs here my my BNB address
0xd09c979005B285346B316fC3d23E121bD4dBC3F2 and my bsc address

must I open each intelligent contract and make a screenshot of each one and Send them ?
I was trying too add liquidity to the bnbeth pool.
First I swapped BNB eth and on the pool liquidity I didn’t approve straight and tried to set the price a little bit lower to be sure I got still a little amount of BNB for fees if needed.

Hello @Moon,

To clarify, are you trying to add liquidity via the Pancakeswap exchange?

I was trying to use liquidity on pancake swap effectively
To explain it as clearly as I can; I first swapped bnb to the smart chain bsc before using pancake swap.

I see. Thanks for explaining.

Since you want to add liquidity to the BNB-ETH pool, you need to provide a 50-50 ratio.

Currently, you have 0.072364258743687927 ETH BEP20. If you want to add everything, you need to have at least 1.43442 BNB BEP20 (based on the current prices).

If I do understand I swapped already 1.37 in the smart contract to get 0.072 and now I have to add 1.43 bnb

At least 1.43442 BNB, yup.

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I think I am beginning to understand
So let me know if I am right by doing this following manipulation:
I deposit first 1.43442 on my trust wallet BNB Bep2 address bnb14sxxrf59c4ujyu4xn4wje0ck5jcupszr4yluqs then I swap it to my BNB Bep20 address 0xd09c979005B285346B316fC3d23E121bD4dBC3F2 and then I go straight to add liquidity pool like on the screenshot and I approve it.

I am ready but I don’t dare to go forward by clicking supply until you confirm I am right

You can actually deposit BNB directly as BEP20 (Smart Chain), not BEP2. So as not to make things more complicated. Though, you got the point already.

Yup, that is how you add liquidity.

I do really appreciate your support.
Thank you very much iamdeadlyz :pray::blush:

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