Trying to convert BNB to BNB Smart Chain - Transaction Error


This maybe a silly question so apologies beforehand if so but I currently have some BNB in my Trust Wallet and wanting to convert it to USDT (Tether).

If I try the swap on the BNB to USDT a box is greyed out saying not available.

So I thought maybe I need to convert the BNB to BNB Smart Chain then try to convert to USDT but even when I try to do that swap a pop up shows saying transaction error.

Any help will be greatly appreciated as currently at a lost on how to convert the BNB to USDT.



Hello @rs17 don’t swap the max amount ,let a little bit for the fees . so whatever you are swaping just swap less .

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Thank you so much, that worked. Novice city here…haha!

I don’t suppose you are anyone knows if you can convert USDT (bep20) to USDT erc20 on Trust Wallet?

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No , you can’t inside Trust Wallet. …

No worries, thanks for letting me know you can’t in trust wallet. Will look in to how that is possible another way.

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