Trying to swap Polygon (Matic ERC20) Token to anything

Hi, I’ve transferred some Polygon Token (Matic) from Coinbase to Trust Wallet.
Then wanted to swap it for Osmosis, but looks like these chains are not compatible, so I decided to swap my Matic to BNB first.
After this I got message that I don’t have enough BNB to pay for this swap.
I bought $50 of BNB just to cover the cost of the swap using my credit card.
Then, tried to swap my Matic to BNB again but on the swap screen it now offers to swap Matic for ETH and I can’t change ETH in the dropdown to BNB.
Of course, I can’t swap Matic to ETH because I don’t have ETH.
I’m using Android app on Sony Experia.
Is it a know issue or I’m doing something wrong?

Why having MATIC and BNB on the balance I can’t swap MATIC to BNB?

P. S. When I say that I can’t change currency type in the dropdown I mean that I click it, it offers to select currency to send, then currency to receive, then … currency to send again, and it goes into never ending loop.

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Hello @artemiusgreat
Please note that you can’t presently make cross-chain swaps in your Trust wallet swap tab.
The MATIC you have is on the ERC20 network therefore you need to swap it with an ERC20 token.

Ok, thanks for the reply.
Can I clarify, which exactly steps I need to take to swap Matic to Osmosis and pay in BNB?
In other words, how do I convert Matic to something that is not ERC20, so I could then swap it to Osmosis?

I would probably rephrase it this way.
If I already have Matic ERC20 in Trust, can I buy for it anything that is not ERC20?
If not, I can probably send it back to Coinbase, exchange there and send to Trust wallet another currency, but what exactly I can send from Coinbase to Trust wallet that is not ERC20, because Coinbase doesn’t separate tokens, coins, etc?

Alternative explanation.
Which coin or token from Coinbase I can send to Trust wallet, so I could convert it to Osmosis here?

You can’t make the swap directly but you can send your MATIC to an external exchange and make a swap for BNB there.

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Ok, after doing this, will I be able to swap BNB for Osmosis in Trust wallet?

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