TWT as education cryptosystem token

Hello, want to share here idea, that, again already was posted in community chat at telegram, but it will be lost there just by night, when i see in it some cool features, that must be saved for discussion.

What will you say, if we will make TWT token a token of Blockchain and IT education?
As team states, Trust wallet first and majot priority is spread knowledge about crypto. Educate people about crypto and thru this make adoption one step closer then it is now.

Same time, TWT token project is experimental token made by team to be community driven and to expiriment with ways to impact/build/influence on community with it. And its development must consider about economical model of token.
How it can circulate on daily basis?
How to make it work like live matter?
And how to make it not just other coin out there?

Without economical system, which is not complete in todays WP/roadmap we, as community, cant rely on today market price or market analysys in future.

So there is a vision, that can help do Major priority for team and help community with second.

I would like to propose a system, where TWT is used as a reward and payment in processes of learning and working in blockchain/web3.0

Lets pretend that there is @trusty school (many of us already got some classes, lol) so some young man or woman can easy arrange a connection too, create a account (and wallet in it) in study system. Then that user will go thru some basic course (as Binance Academy. for thouse who visit) and a little test after.
If user successfully grade at test he will recieve a grant in TWT. Then he van choise one òf courses (or tutors too) to visit online in order to get more knowledge. He will do homework, tests. Maybe after couple of them even got certificate from teachers.
But where to make more TWT to buy more courses?
I think that is a cool feature: user can check others users homeworks for twt from system. User can be rewarded by school for projects/materials (presentations/slides).
Later, users that will get some base courses, can try to test themselfs to qualify for bigger courses, like some microsoft, cannonical, eth foundation maybe, institutes.
And best users even get grants in twt for study on it!
So thru that 2 mechanism we already move TWT from base (Trust wallet) to A (users) and B (Teachers/education bussiness)
So what else can we do to make that twt go back to team from A and B users?
My propose will be this:
All bussiness will want blockchain specialists in just 5 years from now in more or less side. Some as a part of inhouse blockchain, some to use other forms of ledger, but it will be needed. So where you can get best? Of course somewhere where the educated) So as a bussiness i will go to trust school and pay TWT that i buy to have access to this young stars. to have them in my pocket since they young. Or if i’m not so cool to do it i will just search for history and good review of person that want to hire on vacansy).
Other way, (both musthave, imo) is that around trust will be a web3.0 space, so in order to integrate many blockchains, add aome coins, update info on it bussiness can pay in twt for students/teachers of trust school to speed up that implementation, if they want.
So bussiness, team trust as big players will get working resourses pool and economical circle closes into perpetural loop. Idealistic idea, that need to be detailed, discussed and calculate, but its got some good intentions in basis, so at least worth it.

A little bit raw idea, will be glad to hear any critic or adoption some other idea in it. Thanks


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @trusty display help.


Amazing idea…I am a huge fan of that. That would be a huge step forward in the right direction


Thanks for your sharing


Very welcomed development nice sharing


Great idea u got mate


yes really you can use TWT and learn about the trade and other things using TWT. Really TWT is great as of know. especially in the lockdown period


No, this is not in meaning of trade or so. My idea is to create educational space that will help young people to improve they IT skills in order to get job in Blockchain industry and some cool tutors/teachers can make some cash on this too, because free special education is not very good idea, as i know it.
There is a startup in Binance ecosystem, that called CanYa, where you can offer your skills for crypto, and there is Binance Academy that is free educational center, and wallet is a cool way to digitilise educational process a little more.

Blockchain can bring more in education that can be seen at first sight: clear tests without cheating, clear grades, certificates that issued for person in blockchain that certified his level of knowledge (as an NFT token in some sort) that can be stored at trust and verified by being a part of verified blockchain tx, that takes place some time in past.


Thanks for your sharing…


nice idea thanks for your sharing my friend


Thanks for open it again, @zachzwei.
When i drop that idea, it was just a fun move, in some sort, but more i study around wallet, more i see that it can bring some good use cases.

Lets dive a bit and speculate on it a little more.

Our society is changing due to new technology shaping a new world, one of the main idea behind internet is information for all, so we can learn if we want anywhere, anytime. IT sector of economy make digital nomad lifestyle not so fantastic idea, now someone live it everyday.

As i know now, devs team is small, but passionate team, that try to find a way to build a strong and self efficient system around web 3.0 concept and capabilitys.

So there is some tasks, that already need to be done on daily basis to maintain wallet system:

  1. review of code that add custom tokens logo and info
  2. review code of dapps to maintain connection between trust and dapp and updates of dapps
  3. other minor checks in code that sometimes needed.

So part of that educational system that i see is take pupils to practice real stuff by making a marketplace of that tasks with twt paiment system, when if you got skills - you can participate in work and payment for it. That will help maintain wallet systems with more workers efficiently, imo.

That strategy in some sort are already working in wallet core product at github, but it would be cool to see it in partnership with certified educational programm.
As i know there is couple of online educational bussiness miģht be intrested in some partnership with that kind of projects.

If there is community members that can help with a concept - will be glad to see some opinions.


Anything that will bring about knowledge am in full support of this, this is part of the reason why the community is created in the first place to seek and commend knowledge. I love this :+1:, hope the team can do something about it.


I think is a very good idea since block chain technology is gonna be hot cake in the decade starting from this year. Especially during pandemic, a lot of people discovered they can work from home using the technology, come to think of this, major companies are all trying hard to be involved in block chain technology for them not be disrupted.
That’s cool my friend. Thanks for that suggestion . I am really passionate in learning so much about IT and block chain technology


Wonderfully amazing man;


I think it will further boost the usability of the coins.


Wonderfully man…