Twt bep20 to bsc

I have TWT on my Binance Dex TWT BEP20, is it possible to swap or convert ton BSC ?


Hi @AmedS,

You can swap your TWT BEP20 to other assets using our built-in swap tool.

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interesting thing indeed. there are 2 kinds of TWT now? the BEP2 TWT that you could buy on TRUST exchange or TRUST Swap and the BEP20 TWT that was airdropped by Binance. Which one is the correct one though?!

I found the solution, I imported my wallet on binance chain with the chrome extension, from I was able to transfer from BEP20 to BSC with 0.0042 BNB fees

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Thats correct. You need an amount of BNB to make the transaction

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@yuriy_per, there is indeed 2 kinds of TWT now, BEP2 for Binance Chain and BEP20 for Binance Smart Chain. For the BInance airdrop, you need to withdraw it to your BEP20 address. Details here: TWT Binance Airdrop