TWT Binance Airdrop

TWT Airdrop from

If you are a Binance user and have recently done some trading on Binance then you will be able to claim TWT tokens. The airdrop was sent to every Binance user that completed a spot, margin or futures trade between 2020/12/14 0:00 UTC to 2020/12/21 0:00 UTC. TWT is not trading at Binance, so you will need to withdraw them to a wallet.

Please note. If you don’t withdraw your TWT within 14 days, you will lose them. You must claim your airdrop by January 5th 2021 00:00AM UTC, or the tokens will be lost.
See the official announcement here.

You should be fully aware now of what you need to use in order to receive TWT. If not, head over to and get the latest version of the app.

How to Claim TWT

We will show you how easy it is to claim your TWT to your Trust Wallet app.

Access TWT Wallet at Binance

Open your Binance account, and look for TWT. Tap on Withdraw and you will be asked for your Address. You need to get your Smart Chain address to receive the tokens.

Get the BNB Smart Chain Receive Address

On your Trust Wallet app, open the Smart Chain (BNB) wallet. Tap on Copy to save it on your device memory to be used later.

If you have another mobile device for accessing your Binance account, you can also use that to scan the QR code of the address. You need to tap on Receive to display the QR code for your BNB address.

Withdraw TWT

Go back to your Binance account and paste the address. Input the amount of tokens you want to withdraw. Please make sure you are using a BSC address as the tokens will be lost if sent to a different network.

Binance will take some of the TWT for fees. Proceed with the Verifications to complete the withdrawal request.

Wait for the deposit to arrive on your wallet. Congratulations, you have successfully received your TWT.

If you’re new around here, and want to learn more about TWT, then please read this article.