TWT earning by LP on Thugs Finance

As of today, Thugs finance now have a TWT/BNB LP pool! The project has recently been audited with glowing reports, so go visit the site and start to earn more TWT!

As with any project, Always DYOR first!!! This is not financial advice.

Add LP here:

Stake LP here:


Thugs Finance is a new bootstrapped project and is building up good features with continued efforts from the team.

Please do read this if you are investing first time in a liquidity pool. Writing example: What is Impermanent Loss?


I think for me and for now panacakeswap is still the best and easy to use although LP has it’s own Advantages and disadvantages but I will still prefer using panacakeswap .


Yes anyone looking at adding liquidity needs to be aware of this 100%

I will check the protocol out.

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Just make sure to read all the project documents to understand the tokenomics and how they work