Twt event invite a friend

dear trustwallet, can I get the twt token from the event invite a friend, but I am using the wallet incorrectly, I am not using a multichain wallet but using erc20

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You need to use a Multi-Coin wallet.

is there another way to move my rewards from erc20 to a multichain wallet

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You need to use a multi-coin wallet to continue gaining referrals.

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please find a way to be able to move my rewards from erc20 to multichain, I have searched for references and many have used trustwallet through my references

Hello dear sir why do not your community trust not show new topics my account what’s problem I don’t know

please sir, please give me a solution

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Wait for answer. I hope you will get the answer

No solution as the rules has been set already. Use a multi-coin wallet to participate.