Twt for gas fee like eth

More and more time we’ll see gas fee for transaction with eth so huge, why not to chance $twt for gas fee?

More people use trust wallet, more people need twt and sure twt can moon if like that

And then we know fee with eth so huge yet :sob:


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These are 2 different blockachains and such solutions are immpossible. Even it would be possible, you would have to convince ethereum developers to do it, but I promise you - they won’t


Im having problem also with eth ,too much fee ,i hope they make it less fee again


Fees might decrease with eth 2.0 immplementation or decrease erc20 transactions volume


I hope that the fees decrease too

Yes it can, but twt is different from Eth tokens so it can’t be possible tbh

If you want to send erc tokens then you have to pay eth as gas fee. If you want to send bep2 tokens then you have to pay bnb as gas fee. If you want to sent neblio token then you have to pay nebl as gas fee. Same as if you want to send Tron based tokens, you have to pay trx as gas fee.

It depends on which blockchain, the token build. You can’t pay bnb as gas fee while transacting erc tokens. Same as you can’t pay twt as gas fee as it’s a token under bep2 blockchain. Hope you understand the concept.